Marianne Bolling is a Pennsylvania State Licensed Professional Counselor, A Certified Employee Assistance Professional, A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Substance Abuse Professional and a Certified Wellness Practitioner.

Marianne Bolling received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Psychology from Seton Hill College, and received dual Master’s Degree in Counseling and Public Management from California University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University.

Combining her 25 years of experience in Management, Professional Counseling and passion for wellness she founded Wellife in 2003. Wellife is dedicated to Employee Health and Wellness through behavioral health counseling, employee assistance, Holistic therapies & wellness products for total wellbeing. Marianne is a cognitive behavioral & brief solutions based therapist, and utilizes integrative energy therapies: reiki & meridian tapping.

The mission of Wellife is to move everyone toward achieving a happy, healthy and prosperous life, through integrative healing of mind, body and spirit.