When we are depressed we crave carb-rich foods (sweets). Carb’s produce serotonin which produces good feelings and calmness. Then, that blood sugar spike is followed by a crash (guilt and depression). Blood Sugar influences mood swings. At this point your body does not need more sweets (sugar), simple carbs or simple sugars it needs more complex carbs, starches, whole grain products, and veggies (such as sweet potatoes & beans). Complex carbs have fiber which in turn slows blood sugar level changes and reduces negative effects on mood. Sugars break down easily whereas complex carbs are more difficult to break down. Get the most energy with complex carbs with protein such as low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers, turkey on whole grain. Increased Omega 3’s help treat depression as well. Foods high in Omega 3’s such as Wild Salmon have a beneficial effect on the brain and mood!